Mega-infrastructure projects are a type of national strategic projects which have a profound impact on the politics, economy, science and technology, society, environment and other fields. They are the basic platform and environmental guarantee for the sustainable development of national social economy.

Infrastructure: Keeping Economies and People Healthy



  1. Political Infrastructure – All governmental institutions such as regulatory bodies, administrative units, law courts, and public security services such as defense, police force, etc.
  2. Transportation Infrastructure – Roadways, railways, airways, waterways, and all other mediums of transportation fall under transportation infrastructure.
  3. Power and Energy Infrastructure – Solar panels, wind turbines, power grids and stations, gas pipelines, and other sources of power and energy.
  4. Telecommunication Infrastructure – Wi-Fi services, broadband network, telephone network owned by government bodies.
  5. Educational Infrastructure – Public academic and training institutions, public schools, libraries, and universities.
  6. Health Infrastructure – Government hospitals, subsidized health clinics, etc., are included in public health infrastructure.
  7. Water Infrastructure – Drainage and sewage systems, water supply, water resource management, postal restoration, and flood
  8. Recreational Infrastructure – Natural reserves such as national parks, botanical gardens, natural parks, public gardens, historical sites, and beaches.